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President  Hiroyuki Tanaka
Head Office
Address 3-15-2 Nishikiori Higashi ,
       Tondabayashi , Osaka 584-0069 Japan
Telephone 81+ 721-23-2181
FAX 81+ 721-23-2182
Date established
March 5, 1930
Business Description 1) manufacturing and sales for carpets, furnishing,
  and interior decorations
2) interior furnishing and finishing related to the
    products mentioned above
3) all transactions and services related to the
Banks   The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd., Sakai branch
The Senshu Bank, Ltd. Sakai branch
JASME Sakai branch
Head Office

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Apr. 1904 Ordinary partnership company Yamada & Tanaka was founded in Sakai-city, Osaka, Japan.  
Mar. 1930 Osaka Nissin Weaving mill established with capital of \50,000 as a subsidiary of Yamada & Tanaka Co.
and three-ft and 1 four-ft Wilton looms were installed.
Apr. 1935 Moved to Sakai-city, a German-made nine-ft loom was added to the factory.
Mar. 1937 French-made nine-ft face to face carpet loom was added to the factory in order to start the first multi-colors weaving in Japan.
Jan. 1938 Started the first domestic-made face to face carpet weaving looms in multi-colors in Japan
Apr. 1951 Established Osaka Nissin Weaving CO., Ltd with capital of \500,000.
Oct. 1953   Started exports of Wilton carpets to USA. Increased the capital to \1,000,000  
May. 1962   Developed multi-colors face to face carpet loom. Installed 5 looms to meet increasing demands for European life style.  
Mar. 1969    Developed 3-shot face to face carpet loom. (patented)  
 Jun. 1969    Started sales of wall to wall carpet line “Kohsai” to meet demand for high-grade products
Apr. 1973   Changed the company name to NISSIN CO., Ltd.  
May. 1976    Started sales of patterned broadlooms “Kohsai style #1000” made by multi-colors weaving machine for the first time in Japan.  
Sep. 1980   Installed UK-made Axminster looms.  
Dec. 1981   Designated as JIS factory  
Mar. 1982   Developed “Wilminster” type wilton loom. (patented)  
Dec. 1983 Developed “Techton” type face to face carpet loom. (Patented)  
Apr. 1986    Developed “Electronic Jacquard” system with FD firstly in the world. 
Aug. 1992   Established warehouse into Tondabayashi, where head office and distribution center were moved.  
Oct. 1993    Developed new concept design carpet tile, “Axtile.” Completed the first Axtile loom, “COMUE-1” and started its operation.  
Oct. 1997    Completed the fourth Axtile loom, “COMUE-1” with model changed.   
July.  2003   Received “Grand Prize of International Quality Award” from British Wool Marketing Board.  
 Mar. 2005   Developed and installed “Fluff cleaner.”
EQUIPMENTS Machine Width (cm) Qty
Wire Wilton “Inlock” electronic jacquard (up to 4 col.) 364
electronic jacquard (up to 4 col.) 364
jacquard (up to 4 col.) 364
jacquard (up to 3 col.) 364
electronic jacquard (up to 4 col.)  91
“Wilminster” special loop 364
single frame 273
single frame 364
single frame 455
Axminster electronic jacquard (up to 12 col.) 364
electronic jacquard (up to 12 col.) 400
electronic jacquard (up to 12 col.) 136
Face to face carpet jacquard (up to 5 col.) 364
Axtile (COMUE-1) electronic jacquard (up to 11 col.) 50x50
electronic jacquard (up to 8 col.) 50x50
Finishing Machine Width (cm) Qty
Dryer    400cm
Shearing    364cm
Steamer excel steamer 400cm
Fluff Cleaner    455cm
Others Machine Width (cm) Qty
Kibby machine for sampling (up to 12 col.) 45 - 50
Axminster Face to face carpet
Wilton Axtile